Force Xcode SDK instead of CLI SDK?

Aaron Madlon-Kay amake at
Fri Nov 20 08:40:37 UTC 2020

> That surprises me...
> So what's the build failure when using the CLT SDK?

The summary has two errors:

> The following build commands failed:
>     DataModelCompile /opt/local/*snip*/work/Sequel-Ace-2.3.1/build/Release/Sequel\ /opt/local/*snip*/work/Sequel-Ace-Sequel-Ace-d660f4e/Models/SPUserManager.xcdatamodel
>     CompileSwift normal x86_64

The error message of the first is:

> /opt/local/*snip*/work/Sequel-Ace-Sequel-Ace-d660f4e/Models/SPUserManager.xcdatamodel:: error: Cannot run cdtool because either it or the simulator runtime cannot be found. ('(null)' : 'Cannot find a simulator runtime for platform (null).') [0]

The error message of the second is:

> Command CompileSwift failed with a nonzero exit code

Neither error occurs if I force the SDKROOT to be the output of `xcrun
--sdk macosx --show-sdk-path` which is


The full build log is at


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