Github CI Broken

Mark Anderson mark at
Tue Apr 13 02:12:52 UTC 2021

Oh, I see the problem - we have releases up on github but they use the
standard installer, which doesn't work for us on CI.

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On Mon, Apr 12, 2021 at 9:25 PM Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at>

> On Apr 12, 2021, at 17:10, Mark Anderson wrote:
> > We could also host them using the releases system on github.
> But releases of what?
> I do not want to attach the getopt file to the releases of any MacPorts
> repository because getopt is not our project and it does not change on the
> schedule of our releases.
> I also don't want to attach the CI custom build of MacPorts to our
> macports-base releases because people tend to download files attached to
> releases and these files are not intended for users to download.
> Ideally our standard installer should be changed so that it can be used by
> CI and not need a separate build. The main problem as I recall is that our
> standard installer runs selfupdate and in CI we don't want to do that. I
> had begun making a new installer some years ago which had many improvements
> including allowing this step to be left out upon request but it is not
> finished.
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