License GPL-2 conflicts with OpenSSLException

Joshua Root jmr at
Sat Apr 17 02:30:30 UTC 2021

On 2021-4-17 12:09 , Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> Ok, right. So I would need to get info on qt5-qtbase in this case and see that it is licensed LGPL-3 or GPL-3 or OpenSSLException and realize that GPL-3 conflicts with GPL-2. Is there a way that the message could be improved to mention the conflict with GPL-3 instead? Does the license checking script check the licenses in the order in which they are specified in the portfile, or if not, could it do so?

Yes, it checks the licenses in the order listed. Yes, the reporting 
could probably be improved.

> And is this really true that a GPL-2 program like Hydrogen is not distributable if it links with a GPL-3 / LGPL-3 library like Qt5?

Yep. That's why the FSF has always recommended licensing under version n 
or later of the GPL rather than just version n.


- Josh

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