Publicizing MacPorts

Rainer Müller raimue at
Tue Apr 20 19:03:54 UTC 2021

On 20/04/2021 12.40, Steven Smith wrote:
> That’s begging the question of an effective communications strategy. A distributed model of random volunteers is perfect for aggregating git commits. It’s highly ineffective at communicating important news from that organization.
> If MacPorts wants to communicate better, it must post important announcements like “MacPorts supports the new Apple silicon M1” at a MacPorts website, and someone with a address must send emails to a few tech reporters that say “look at this please.”

If you pledge to handle this kind of marketing, I would have no problem to hand 
out an address for that. By the way, having our own mail domain is 
not that common for open source projects. Most projects hosted on services such 
as GitHub/GitLab/etc. will never have that. I really do not think it is of that 
much significance.

>> We would be grateful if more users/contributors could join the boat
>> and actively help in areas where they feel that they could contribute
>> to the project (in one way or another).
> That’s precisely why a more effective and realistic commutations strategy is desirable.

I don't disagree. But it needs at least one person invested enough to start it 
and then some more to follow-through with it.

>> If someone is willing to step up and write blog posts, articles
>> (potentially based on a few rounds of questions/answers/document
>> revisions), etc., that would certainly be more than welcome.
> I’d wager that many people would write these, but the channel and infrastructure for this do not now exist: no MacPorts News/Announcements page, no blog page, a somnambulant Twitter feed,, and no peer review control mechanism. This can be accomplished by providing such tools to divide-and-conquer, with an open peer review mechanism for contributors without commit authority.

We have the news section on the website [1]. Posts can be submitted with pull 
requests to the corresponding repository [2]. At the moment, it is only in use 
for release announcements that are also posted on macports-announce [3]. I don't 
think anyone would object against posting more.

I know the Twitter account is not as active as it could be. I personally do not 
find the time to post there regularly. I can grant you access to the account 
through TweetDeck if you want to make it more active. There is a list of people 
with access on the SocialMedia wiki page [4]. Currently the only rule is that 
tweets should have a signature by their author.

As you can see, some infrastructure exists. It needs community members to step 
up and provide content to fill these channels.



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