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Sat Apr 24 11:04:40 UTC 2021

> Le 22 avr. 2021 à 17:46, Steven Smith <steve.t.smith at> a écrit :
> Another reason major news like M1 support must be announced.

May I ask: how do we *define* "M1 support" in MacPorts? What are the *metrics* used to support that statement?

- How does the MacPorts base "support the M1"? (I know I had to install it from git then switch to the master branch for other reasons -- not a typical user installation) 

- Is it when you set buildfromsource to always, build_arch to arm64 and everything run smoothly afterwards? :-)

- How does a port "supports the M1"? Is it when it can be built, tested and installed on a M1? Even if it's just compiled as x86_64 and running on Rosetta? Or is it when it can be successfully built, tested and installed as native and/or +universal  on both M1 and Intel?

- How many ports are building on M1 today? (can a user do a search on architecture on <>?) Before installing, how can a user know if a port is building/testing successfully on M1? (can he do a `port info --name --supported-archs` on a port?)

- What if a port is not building on M1 because upstream is not ready yet? (libffi, openjdk16, ghc comes to mind) What if ports are not building because major dependencies are not? (thinking of you, libffi) Is it documented anywhere?

- How are M1 porting priorities defined? Do we have "M1 priorities" or "M1 call for help" for maintainers? Is there a M1 "Hot Problems" page for users and maintainers like we have for macOS releases?

To be clear: I am **not** complaining. I switched to M1 a month and a half ago and decided to contribute to the effort as much as I can: I installed from git, set up buildfromsource to always and build_arch to arm64, then switched to git master. After Ken's call for help on ICU, I set my variants to +universal, recompiled everything that could be (but had to stop because of libffi...).  I'm trying to natively build all the ports I was using on Catalina/x86_64, I'm not there yet (today, py{38,39}-pandas do not build anymore because of OpenBLAS...) and I am not complaining: it's part of the game... :-)

But: I'm afraid this "marketing" effort could backfire if we don't clearly define what "M1 support" means and provide some metrics to maintainers and users. As well as news sites.

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