openmpi-* subports, and publishing of binaries

Christopher Nielsen mascguy at
Wed Apr 28 12:15:04 UTC 2021

Good point, and the binaries do indeed exist.

I’m running on a 2008 MacPro, with pre-Nehalem Xeons that are one major generation behind the Xserves. So that makes me an ideal candidate to test.

Now it’s simply a matter of putting together a suite of tests that thoroughly exercises OpenMPI. Stay tuned...

> On 2021-04-27-T, at 19:20, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
>> On Apr 27, 2021, at 18:15, Christopher Nielsen wrote:
>> [My previous reply looks like it may be stuck in the mailman queue, and/or rejected. So re-sending with additional info.]
>> Well, the investigation is all on me, barring a definitive answer from someone more knowledgable.
>> But after a lot of scouring, I haven’t found anything in the OpenMPI documentation - or on the web in-general - that suggests binaries are tied to a build machine’s specific hardware.
>> So what I’m asking is, should we just go ahead and update openmpi-* to publish binaries?
> We already publish the binaries; the port is just configured not to look for them. So if you want to test first, and you have a machine with a processor that's older than the Xeon in the 2009 Xserves we use to build, you could remove the archive_sites clearing line from the port and try to install the binary. If openmpi crashes or doesn't work, that would be an indication that we should not change the port.

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