Meson & non-Xcode compilers -- esp older OSX versions

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Tue Aug 3 20:04:46 UTC 2021

nothing to do with meson or older compilers or @rpaths in general.

the otool in cctools 949 does not call llvm-objdump-11+ (including -devel)
with full args it likes. (llvm-11+ changed their supported args. )

That is why cctools defaults to llvm-10.

don't use cctools +llvmdev unless you're prepared to help out with devel
issues, I would (and did) tell the user. Just use the defaults and you'll
be fine.

I will update cctools at an opportune moment, and if they have fixed all
the llvm-11+ related issues, we'll default to that.


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