10.15 Xcode version: Buildbot, vs. GitHub CI

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Wed Dec 1 23:33:43 UTC 2021

On Dec 1, 2021, at 09:18, Christopher Nielsen wrote:
> * Would it be feasible to update our 10.15 buildbot to a newer Xcode release? Or are there certain ports/situations that necessitate remaining with 11.7?

Because there are a variety of scenarios where a build fails if the OS version and SDK version are not the same, I deliberately keep Xcode versions on the buildbot machines* on the last version that contains the SDK version that matches the OS version. If Xcode 12 contains the macOS 10.15 SDK, I can update the 10.15 worker to it, otherwise I would not want to do that.

I do have work in progress on a MacOSX.sdk port which should make it easier for ports to request any SDK on any OS. It is not committed yet.

*there might be one case where I did update to a newer version; I'd have to review

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