gcc11-devel and our buildbots

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Fri Dec 31 09:14:56 UTC 2021

On Dec 30, 2021, at 17:41, Chris Jones wrote:

> Hi
> Before arm came along the gccdevel ports indeed did not update that regularly.

They did some years ago. Then for a time they didn't.

> Normally in the run up to a new major release they might see more activity, as we take a look as to if the upcoming release has any issues, but outside that they perhaps would go a month or two between updates. Arm changed that in that currently its still the version with the best support for that platform, as none of the production releases have official support. I suspect once these stabilise, with a production gcc release with full arm support, we will likely go back to the old update patterns.

Since arm and i386 get different versions of gcc-devel, it would be fine to update the arm version more frequently than the i386 version.

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