11_x86 build - build failures due to 'no space on device'

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sat Feb 13 10:41:31 UTC 2021

On Feb 13, 2021, at 04:21, Chris Jones wrote:

> On 13 Feb 2021, at 9:06 am, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> Apple helpfully recreated the CoreSimulator directory again today. I'm not going to delete it again unless we have a plan for how to prevent it from being recreated, to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the SSD, since we've already destroyed three SSDs in these servers. 16 GB free. I have another change planned to mpbb to free up some more space.
> Just a though but maybe if you delete it and create a stub empty file in its place, will block whatever is recreating it ?

Maybe, but I don't want to do experiments on the buildbot machines. I assume Xcode is creating and populating this directory because it needs it for something, and guess that brute force preventing its creation might cause Xcode to fail. It would be nice to know why Xcode thinks it should create this, and to figure out how to tell Xcode not to do it, ideally how to tell Xcode never to do anything at all with simulators. This would be useful for older systems as well. The gigantic CoreSimulator directory is a new problem in Big Sur but inexplicable warnings and errors about simulators in Xcode build logs have been an annoyance for years. We only build macOS software in MacPorts, so we never have any need for simulators.

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