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Sat Mar 6 19:01:52 UTC 2021

Technically, MacPorts does have an equivalent inside ${prefix}, and that
would be the ${prefix}/Library directory. You could create an Application
Support directory in there, e.g. ${prefix}/Library/Application
Support/MacPass, and have the app load its plugins from that location. In
this way, you would still be staying in-line with MacPorts' mtree layout.

Jason Liu

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> > Am 06.03.2021 um 02:17 schrieb Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at>:
> >
> > I would abandon this attempt because a port shouldn't be installing
> anything in a user's $HOME. Ports should accommodate being installed by one
> user but being used by another user, for example. And the user account we
> use on our build server is unlikely to be the same as the user account that
> the user is using.
> >
> You are of course right about not installing anything into $HOME. I
> changed the port to install into /Library/Application Support/MacPass and
> also changed the „parent“ app MacPass to load plugins from this location.
> If I were a seasoned Objective-C developer I would have changed the path
> to something below ${prefix}. If I find time to dig deeper into Objective-C
> I will do that, but for the time being I think /Library/Application Support
> is good enough.
> The PR for the new port MacPassHTTP is here:
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