INSTALL_PATH with spaces

janosch1 at janosch1 at
Sat Mar 6 21:34:31 UTC 2021

> Am 06.03.2021 um 20:01 schrieb Jason Liu <jasonliu at>:
> Technically, MacPorts does have an equivalent inside ${prefix}, and that would be the ${prefix}/Library directory. You could create an Application Support directory in there, e.g. ${prefix}/Library/Application Support/MacPass, and have the app load its plugins from that location. In this way, you would still be staying in-line with MacPorts' mtree layout.

Yes, I had thought about that. I was hesitating to go ahead with this, because I knew nothing about Objective-C. But thanks to Google I am now the worlds worst Objective-C programmer and I managed to make MacPass fetch plugins from ${prefix}/Library/Application Support/MacPass.

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