Slight problem that probably needs resolving...

Perry E. Metzger perry at
Fri Nov 12 00:14:17 UTC 2021

Howdy all!

In pull request :

mascguy committed the request after only a few hours before waiting for 
drkp to comment (drkp is the maintainer.) This isn't my main concern, 
however; my main concern is that mascguy then deleted my comments in 
which I noted that this wasn't how things are generally done, which 
doesn't seem like reasonable behavior.

I appreciate mascguy's enthusiasm, and I'm also known to be sometimes 
too eager to click "merge", but it's one thing to perhaps make an error 
in committing something too quickly and another to delete comments 
noting that someone made a mistake about policy.

Given that mascguy has been a steady and hard worker on the project I'd 
just like everyone to come to a consensus that this isn't the sort of 
thing we prefer and it would be better going forward if it didn't happen 
again, and if we all followed the rules about merging maintained ports 
etc. (I personally feel that "openmaintainer" rules should be looser, 
but the way to deal with that is to discuss it and not to ignore the 
rules and delete comments mentioning the rules.)


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