Slight problem that probably needs resolving...

Perry E. Metzger perry at
Fri Nov 12 14:54:13 UTC 2021

I didn't lecture you. I pointed out that you made a mistake that 
violated a policy. You chose to get angry about it and are doubling down 
even now.

Note that there was no emergency; the port is a port's -devel version 
and has few users, and waiting a little bit for the port maintainer to 
make a decision would have been fine. There is a strong policy about 
this; we are supposed to wait until the port maintainer has had a 
reasonable chance to see the pull request, even for openmaintainer ports.

(I agree that the policy may not be the best, but discussing it and 
getting it reversed is the right way to approach that, not unilaterally 
choosing to ignore the policy.)

It especially wasn't your place to delete my comments. Nor were those 
comments mean spirited or harsh; I simply noted that in general, our 
policy is to give maintainers time to respond. I was frankly shocked at 
your reaction to them.

Note that I did not express a problem with *you*. I noted that your 
action violated policy. There is a difference between saying "you 
probably just made a mistake" and saying "you're a bad person".


On 11/11/21 19:39, Christopher Nielsen wrote:
>> mascguy committed the request after only a few hours before waiting for drkp to comment (drkp is the maintainer.) This isn't my main concern, however; my main concern is that mascguy then deleted my comments in which I noted that this wasn't how things are generally done, which doesn't seem like reasonable behavior.
> A few thoughts:
> * I’d strongly argue that lecturing your fellow members, within the context of a contributor’s PR, is utterly inappropriate. It’s an internal MacPorts-related matter, and doesn’t send a positive message to our non-members.
> * I stand by my decision to remove your comments. They were wholly unrelated to the PR itself, and such comments pollute the discussion/history.
> * If you have an issue with a member, I’d strongly encourage you to take it up with them privately. And don’t hesitate to CC the Managers for visibility.
> As for my deliberate decision to promptly merge the PR you mentioned, I stand by that as well:
> * The port is openmaintainer
> * The fix targeted a specific architecture - ARM - minimizing risk.
> * The fix related to fatal build issues on ARM, which is undoubtedly impacting our users. And in the interest of removing barriers for our users - and fatal build issues on a popular architecture, is certainly a major one - such fixes arguably shouldn’t wait days or weeks before being merged.
> If you’d like to schedule a real-time discussion with the Managers, so that you can vent your frustrations toward me, I’m certainly open to it.
> Frankly, I’m not sure anything else needs to be said. But if you feel otherwise, let’s chat!
> Cheers and Thanks,
> -Chris

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