How do I set XCode settings contianing spaces in a portfile

Janosch Peters ext at
Sun Nov 14 12:30:08 UTC 2021

I am trying to sett the xcode setting HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS in a portfile. 
Id like to add two paths $prefix/include and ./libhb.

I tried gazillion varaints of {} or "", but somehow TCL always adds {} 
or "" at some unexpected position so that xcodebuild fails.

----- portfile start ------

set header_searchpath "$prefix/include ./libhb"
xcode.destroot.settings HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS=$header_searchpath

----- portfile end ------

When trying to build this port, the resulting xcode command looks like this:

xcodebuild ... "{HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS=/opt/local/include" "./libhb}"

This obviously fails. What do I need to do in my portfile to have a 
xcode command like this:

xcodebuild ... HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS="/opt/local/include ./libhb"

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