Question regarding builders and require_active_variants

Christopher Nielsen mascguy at
Wed Nov 17 16:23:40 UTC 2021

Makes sense. And yes, it’s definitely frustrating that Quartz-only gtk2/gtk3 ports don’t build on our buildbots.

Ultimately I’m going to fix this issue once and for all, via segregated subports for X11 and Quartz. (That will need to be done for all of the key foundational ports, including: glib2, gtk2, gtk3, gtk-osx-application-XXX, etc.)

In case anyone’s interested in the game plan: New non-conflicting subports will be created, independent from our existing ones. That ensures we don’t break any existing ports, and we’ll be able to gradually migrate dependents to the new scheme.

However, all of that is going to take a few months. Nonetheless, it’s definitely on the radar!

In the interim, I’d be curious whether there’s a short-term buildbot-related fix for Quartz-only ports like RawTherapee. Josh/Ryan…?

>> Jason, are you asking relative to the new port you just created, for RawTherapee?
> Yes, although it's a generally applicable question.

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