PR 14427: 10.14 tester wanted

Fred Wright fw at
Thu Apr 7 01:46:48 UTC 2022

On Tue, 5 Apr 2022, Joshua Root wrote:
> On 2022-4-5 15:49 , Fred Wright wrote:
>> Empirically, it was ignored in this case, probably due to a bug.  The 
>> sequence was:
>>      sudo port uninstall qt6-qtbase
>>      sudo port -sk install qt6-qtbase
>> The install didn't build anything, unless I explicitly cleaned after the 
>> uninstall.
> What was the state to begin with?

In the very initial state, I'd never installed this port at all.  I first 
did, multiple times (since I was puzzled by the SDK complaint):

 	sudo port install qt6-qtbase
 	sudo port uninstall qt6-qtbase

This built each time.

At some point I decided that I wanted the log, so I added -k to the 
install.  I *think* it was after that that the install stopped rebuilding 
(though that was on another day and another boot), even after adding -s.

> An existing build directory won't be cleaned by uninstalling an 
> installed version.

The uninstall *claims* to clean twice, once after the deactivate and once 
after the uninstall.  But it's insufficient to avoid skipping the build on 
the next install.  Cleaning explicitly after the uninstall seems to fix 
it.  However, it appears that the implicit clean after the install (when 
not suppressed by -k) is sufficient.

Fred Wright

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