PR 14427: 10.14 tester wanted

Joshua Root jmr at
Thu Apr 7 04:33:28 UTC 2022

On 2022-4-7 11:46 , Fred Wright wrote:
> At some point I decided that I wanted the log, so I added -k to the 
> install.  I *think* it was after that that the install stopped 
> rebuilding (though that was on another day and another boot), even after 
> adding -s.

OK, so that's working as intended; build phases that are already 
complete won't be repeated unless the Portfile changed.

> The uninstall *claims* to clean twice, once after the deactivate and 
> once after the uninstall.  But it's insufficient to avoid skipping the 
> build on the next install.  Cleaning explicitly after the uninstall 
> seems to fix it.  However, it appears that the implicit clean after the 
> install (when not suppressed by -k) is sufficient.

The cleaning done when you uninstall something is cleaning the work 
directory for the the port that you uninstalled in the registry, not the 
one you're building. It would be pretty inconvenient if uninstalling a 
previous version wiped out your work directory.

- Josh

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