Implementing R packages via ports

Sergio Had vital.had at
Sun Dec 4 05:21:01 UTC 2022

Are there some non-obvious reasons not to have ports for R packages? Or just no one felt like making any?

R basically uses a mechanism akin to Python, OCaml or Perl, installing stuff into its “mini-prefix”. While we do have ports for the latter three (not many for OCaml), there are none for R.
FreeBSD at the same time does have ports for select R packages.

Why bother?

1. Some packages are broken for old systems (including Intel), but can be trivially fixed with patches. Those include some basic packages, like fs and xml2.
2. In a number of cases all that is needed is legacysupport PG.
3. With a fancy complicated packages we may prefer using existing dependencies rather than building supplied – usually outdated – duplicate copies. (At least for testing/development.)

What do you think?
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