Publicizing MacPorts

Karl-Michael Schindler karl-michael.schindler at
Tue Feb 1 17:42:35 UTC 2022


> Am 19.04.2021 um 16:47 schrieb Karl-Michael Schindler <karl-michael.schindler at>:
> I intend to do so, probably to a limited extend only. As a first step, I have checked the upstream download pages of our top ten downloads. Less than 5 of them mention macports properly. My next steps is to write to them. I also want to extent the maintainer part of the docs with the direct to port maintainer to check upstream download and install pages.
> Michael.

At least, I managed to get MacPorts mentioned in the download or wiki pages of git and FFmpeg. At least my 2 cents to improve the visibility of macports, in particular there, where homebrew is already present. 


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