perl 5.34 branch

Vincent Habchi vince at
Sun Jan 2 19:13:23 UTC 2022

On behalf of Christopher Chavez:

> while trying to install ‘ffmpeg’ using perl5.34 as my base version, I stumbled on a slew of p5 ports which have not been updated to the 5.34 branch yet.
> I did that manually, and now I’m left in my private tree with more than a score of modified p5 ports

I too am sitting on nearly 200 ports with Perl 5.34 added.

> Shall I commit them?

My non-authoritative response: You will probably be told to wait for to be merged. I had similarly proposed updating a batch for 5.32, which ended up being superseded by doing a mass update (which took several weeks to merge). Although I would think committing smaller self-contained batches is presumably better in terms of managing buildbot resources.

SORBS is once again listing GMX, so I cannot reply to MacPorts lists at the moment. Could you please forward this to macports-dev for me?

Christopher A. Chavez

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