perl 5.34 branch

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Jan 3 00:01:17 UTC 2022

On Jan 2, 2022, at 13:13, Vincent Habchi wrote:

> On behalf of Christopher Chavez:
>> while trying to install ‘ffmpeg’ using perl5.34 as my base version, I stumbled on a slew of p5 ports which have not been updated to the 5.34 branch yet.
>> I did that manually, and now I’m left in my private tree with more than a score of modified p5 ports
> I too am sitting on nearly 200 ports with Perl 5.34 added.
>> Shall I commit them?
> My non-authoritative response: You will probably be told to wait for to be merged.

Right. Let's get that PR finished and merged.

> I had similarly proposed updating a batch for 5.32, which ended up being superseded by doing a mass update (which took several weeks to merge). Although I would think committing smaller self-contained batches is presumably better in terms of managing buildbot resources.

Since perl has so many small modules that depend upon one another, it strikes me as exceedingly difficult to manually come up with small batches of modules that could be updated together.

I explained in how the buildbot resources can be managed for this PR.

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