[macports/macports-ports] abcde: switch to Perl 5.34 (PR #13720)

Gabriel Rosenkoetter gr at eclipsed.net
Fri Jan 21 05:34:24 UTC 2022

On 2022-01-21 00:04 EST, Gabriel Rosenkoetter wrote:
> (Granted: that's a Big Drag for ports that depend on the presence of 
> external media to test, as abcde does, and writing the test for the 
> output here is complicated, since even if one were to load the build 
> boxes with a CD with a single track a second long of a square wave, and 
> run with the same abcde.conf every time, the output file probably 
> wouldn't diff(1) against a prior sample, even with no software changes, 
> so maybe just "ran without complaining" is enough. But even *that* kinda 
> sucks.)

(Yes, explicitly running abcde to encode in a single lossless format 
from a pseudo-dev source could "work", but that wouldn't really exercise 
the several output formats, and disparate software it calls for those 
formats, that real-world users actually want.)

Gabriel Rosenkoetter (he/him)
gr at eclipsed.net
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