[macports/macports-ports] abcde: switch to Perl 5.34 (PR #13720)

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sat Jan 22 12:33:48 UTC 2022

On Jan 21, 2022, at 20:17, Gabriel Rosenkoetter wrote:

> I was fishing for advice on what a "good enough" test here would be.
> Right now, I'm thinking dd(1) a few blocks constructed to look like a very short audio CD into a file under [/var]/tmp, mount(8) that as a pseudo-device, tell abcde to "rip" it (pointing the output to /dev/null: with compression algorithms, rather than hashing algorithms, there's no reasonable expectation of identical output from sequential runs with the same input data anyway), and then parse for errors reported in the terminal output.

I don't typically expect port maintainers to have to invent tests. Ports typically just run "make check" or "make test" to run whatever tests the developer of the software has provided. If the developer hasn't provided any tests, and if it interests you, you could work with the developer of the software to create such a test suite.

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