Fastly Mirrors Throttled to 1 MB/sec?

Christopher Nielsen mascguy at
Mon Jun 6 13:54:43 UTC 2022

Over the past few months, I’ve found that downloads from ‘’ and ‘’ are consistently throttled at 1 megabyte/second. And while that isn’t an issue for smaller payloads, it significantly impacts binary installation/update times for larger ports like Rust, the various LLVM ports, etc: The vast majority of time is spent waiting for the download to occur, with the installation occurring in a few seconds.

Cancelling the download via Ctrl-C results in the next mirror being selected - which for me, is generally ‘’ - resulting in a fast non-throttled download.

So the $100,000 question is: Are our Fastly-based mirrors intentionally throttled at 1 megabyte/second?

If that’s intentional - particularly to reduce hosting costs - then no worries. But just figured I’d ask, in case that’s not supposed to be occurring.


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