MacPorts Status

Jordan jc+ml.macports+dev at
Sat Jun 11 14:07:57 UTC 2022

Hi friends,

First of all thank you for your work! I use MacPorts exclusively for a 
few different reasons and am looking to contribute to the project. I am 
starting to spin up maintaining a few ports after a long break from 
macOS (mostly because until M1 machines came around the hardware sucked 
if I am honest).

There is one aspect of MacPorts that has me a little down in the dumps 
and that's is its _apparent_ (but likely not true) neglected state. I 
think it's perhaps under maintained currently due to a lack of 
people-power? I say so because I'd love to see more people using 
MacPorts so I wonder if there's any "modernisation" (for lack of a 
better word) to be had here?

Things like the timeline on Trac are years old, the use of `sudo` by 
default probably scares new users etc etc.

I'm looking to contribute to some kind of effort to "modernise" (again, 
for lack of a better word) MacPorts so perhaps some usage compared to 
things like Homebrew can be gained back since I'd love to see this 
project used more.

Also, as a tacked-on issue I am working on packaging a port and MacPorts 
is smart enough to only remove the files within directories as present 
when the port was imaged but I was hoping for a cheeky setting to change 
this so that it "dumb"ly deletes the entire folder.

For example, the port is imaged and at the time of imaging has a 
`${prefix}/lib/foo/bar` directory with a single file in it. If I 
immediately uninstall the port then `bar` is correctly deleted since it 
is _exactly_ as it was when the port was installed from its image. 
However, if I add files to `bar` then MacPorts only removes those that 
single file that is part of the port image, leaves the others alone, and 
because `bar` is now not-empty leaves `bar`. I wonder if I can force 
MacPorts to always delete `bar`?


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