Difference between build_arch and configure.build_arch, universal_archs and configure.universal_archs (was: Re: +universal for x864+arm64 on Macintel)

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Tue Jun 21 01:09:46 UTC 2022

On Jun 15, 2022, at 16:49, Joshua Root wrote:

> $universal_archs contains exactly what is set in macports.conf (so does $build_arch). ${configure.universal_archs} is the archs that will actually be built with +universal, and may differ from the macports.conf value due to the supported_archs of the Portfile and of the chosen SDK. (That is also the case for ${configure.build_arch}.)

Thanks Josh, I need to print that out and frame it and put it on my wall so I don't forget again.

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