intltool random perls

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at
Tue Mar 1 03:03:44 UTC 2022


I committed an update to the geany port today and it failed to build on several buildbots.  In reviewing the logs, I found that geany is using intltool and that various buildbots were trying to employ a different version of perl than that specified in the intltool portfile.  The intltool port was updated to perl5.30 in May 2021.

However, the logs from a selection of buildbots showed:

checking for perl... /usr/bin/perl
checking for perl >= 5.8.1… 5.30.3

checking for perl... /usr/bin/perl
checking for perl >= 5.8.1… 5.18.4

checking for perl... /opt/local/bin/perl
checking for perl >= 5.8.1… 5.28.3


The buildbots on OSX 10.12 and older are not finding a compatible version of XML::Parser and thus geany's configure fails.  However, NONE of the buildbots (nor my local machine) are using /opt/local/bin/perl5.30!

I believe we just need to pass a configure argument to intltool:


However, I’m surprised that this problem has apparently existed for many months without detection?  I have only a very rudimentary understanding of auto tools so maybe the problem is something very different?  Apparently there are 213 ports that have a build dependence on intltool so I don’t want to commit an erroneous fix.



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