Vadim-Valdis Yudaev judaew at
Wed Mar 2 13:02:06 UTC 2022

Hi, I'm a maintainer at MacPorts. I am Ukrainian, and I pray every day for my people.

The Russians have invaded my country by war. They launch rocket salvos at civilians, destroy houses, hospitals and kindergartens. They shoot children and dress up in civilian clothes or medical clothes to sabotage. A few days ago in Kyiv, a saboteur threw a grenade into a bomb shelter where my friend was. We are here fighting for the right to live.

To everyone who feels my pain, I ask you to sign the petition "PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ASK NATO TO CLOSE THE AIRSPACE OVER UKRAINE". Your signature will help save people and children in my country.

Necessary steps to sign the petition:

1. Follow the link
2. Scroll down a bit, find two fields to fill in your contact information.
3. Leave your full name and email. It is important to specify your email, the petition will be confirmed by email at the final stage. Click on.
4. At the next stage, specify your post code and city/town, street address, and choose your country of residence. Click on.
5. Fill in why this petition is important to you (as an example "we need to stop the war"). The field "my concern"- I’m directly affected. The field "my involvement" - would be involved in organizing joint actions. The field "who should see your support" - public. Click sign.
6. Open your email, open the letter from service at and click the "confirm signature and stay updated" button.
7. !! After you signed the petition please share the link and instructions with your friends using social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

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