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Tue Mar 1 16:23:46 UTC 2022

> On Feb 28, 2022, at 10:19 PM, Joshua Root <jmr at> wrote:
> On 2022-3-1 14:03 , Craig Treleaven wrote:
>> The buildbots on OSX 10.12 and older are not finding a compatible version of XML::Parser and thus geany's configure fails.  However, NONE of the buildbots (nor my local machine) are using /opt/local/bin/perl5.30!
> The correct fix is to delete the INTLTOOL_PERL check from the geany configure script. There's no reason programs that use intltool need to care about which perl intltool is using internally. One of many examples of doing this: < <>>
> We have patched our intltool port to do this since 2013, so ports that run autoreconf will get the fix. But configure scripts that were generated upstream with an unpatched intltool.m4 will need to be fixed.
> The patch has never been acknowledged by intltool upstream: < <>>
> I'm not sure if it's even being developed any more.
Thanks, Josh.  I’ve taken the route to patch geany’s configure script and that seems to have fixed the issue for me.

I now understand that there is an intltool ticket on this issue [1].  I had seen it previously but didn’t grok that it was the problem I’d run into.  I’ve added to the ticket so hopefully others can save a little time.


Thanks again.


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