Py ports maintainers: FYI "Enforcing consistent metadata for [Python] packages"

Jim DeLaHunt list+macports-dev at
Fri Apr 5 23:50:37 UTC 2024

FYI for anyone involved with maintaining Python-related ports in 
MacPorts: Over in, Paul Moore started a thread on 
"Enforcing consistent metadata for packages".  I am naive about Python 
packaging, so most of it goes over my head. But this comment caught my eye:

> Linux distributors routinely patch sdists and build their system 
> packages from the resulting wheels. This patching will, /by design/, 
> violate the consistency rules we’re discussing. How do we handle this?
Might some Python-related ports also patch sdists? Might those ports 
violate the discussed consistency rules? By design?

If so, maybe those port maintainers might be able to contribute to the 
thread by sharing the MacPorts experience.

For Your Information only. If there is no issue, apologies for taking up 
airtime with it.

.   --Jim DeLaHunt,jdlh at  (
       multilingual websites consultant, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
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