Support for unreleased beta apple operating systems (was Support for ancient machines and operating systems)

Sergey Fedorov vital.had at
Mon Jan 8 17:50:14 UTC 2024

Here we go again.

1. To begin with, nobody is submitting 10A190-specific fixes to Macports.
They are sitting in my local repo. Please, do not mislead people who are
unaware of the matter.

2. Standard 10.6.8 release from Apple does support building and running ppc
binaries via Rosetta. Nothing unreleased or, as you [mis]frame, “stolen”.
While I think your opposition is completely unjustified, there has been no
demands or even active discussion about supporting pre-released builds on
10.6. The point is supporting officially released 10.6.8.

3. If anyone did wonder, the whole issue with 10A190 is literally ~20 ports
altogether, and those fixes amount to a few lines of code to adjust a few
assumptions re SDK. Despite it being portrayed as something like half of
the Macports tree is broken and needs tailored hacks which gonna break
everything. This is nowhere the case.
However, as I said above, nobody demanded 10A190 being supported in the
master. Nobody commits 10A190-specific fixups.

4. > “The problem was that there were many fragile and sharply increasing
*specific* workarounds added into the ports tree solely to support running
this PowerPC beta on MacPorts”.

This accusation keeps being repeated, but it is simply not true. You will
not be able to show multiple specific workarounds for 10A190 in Macports
master. They are not there.
There were a few specific fixes *for standard 10.6.8* Rosetta, largely
because the makefile build system misdetects the arch. They are not
numerous either, and verily not sharply increasing.

It will be great not to keep repeating false statements targeting those who
are unaware of the facts.
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