pre-built quartz variant packages

Valerio Messina efa at
Sun Jan 14 15:58:42 UTC 2024

I'm not sure this is the right list to ask for pre-built macports.

In case can you please direct me to the right one?

thank you,

On 12/5/23 10:47 PM, Valerio Messina via macports-dev wrote:
> hi,
> as a user of osxcross, I also use the good of macports.
> I read that is not your main target, but tolerate cross-built from other 
> OS. I'm on Debian.
> I saw there are pre-built packages here:
> and this is where the 'osxcross-macport' get the packages.
> Native macport client has support for variants with something like:
> $ port variants <pkg>     # show package variants
> $ port install <pkg> +<var1> -<var2>   # install variant1, not variant2
> I saw on there are only X11 packages, and seems 
> native quartz variant are missing.
> So for example for gtk3-devel:
> is available for X11 backend only as pre-built for foreign OS.
> Is there a reason for this?
> Having native quartz pre-built packages will help developer to target 
> quartz instead of xquartz, without the need to (cross)build the GTK 
> itself. This is so for other library with variants.
> As now the bash script 'osxcross-macport' do not support variants, but 
> I'm sure can be easily upgraded if packages server will host quartz 
> variants.
> thank you for explanation and work,


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