pre-built quartz variant packages

Valerio Messina efa at
Tue Jan 16 18:42:01 UTC 2024

sorry, I have never made a native port installation.

But given the syntax I found online:
$ port install <pkg> +<var1> -<var2>
I expect a user can install every variant

If only default variant is pre-built what is shown by:
$ port variants gtk3

Native gtk3 building on macOS is trivial, I made that from source 
following instruction on GTK web site, and I use that for packaging of 
my applications.
Anyway this is not the macport version, it the one from and is 
only source not pre-build.
Is trivial but require time, and again on new version, and require a 
developer access to macOS on another machine dedicated to that.

Using the pre-built gtk3 from macport (and osxcross), saved me the 
library built time just for test of my apps, and the requirement to 
access macOS on every run.
Then I discovered to start the app I had to install Xquartz on the real 
hw, and this is not a thing normal user is used to do, or is able to or 
want to do.

Seems to me that native Quartz variant of gtk3 work like or better than 
Xquartz (default) variant. At least better than gtk on Win.

Really hope you can please provide the gtk3 pre-built Quartz variant

a newby of macOS
thank you,

On 1/14/24 5:08 PM, Sergio Had wrote:
> AFAIK ports are only being pre-built with the default variant.
> GTK should be trivial to build though.
> On Jan 14, 2024 at 23:58 +0800, Valerio Messina via macports-dev 
> <macports-dev at>, wrote:
>> I'm not sure this is the right list to ask for pre-built macports.
>> In case can you please direct me to the right one?
>> thank you,
>> Valerio
>> On 12/5/23 10:47 PM, Valerio Messina via macports-dev wrote:
>>> hi,
>>> as a user of osxcross, I also use the good of macports.
>>> I read that is not your main target, but tolerate cross-built from other
>>> OS. I'm on Debian.
>>> I saw there are pre-built packages here:
>>> and this is where the 'osxcross-macport' get the packages.
>>> Native macport client has support for variants with something like:
>>> $ port variants <pkg>     # show package variants
>>> $ port install <pkg> +<var1> -<var2>   # install variant1, not variant2
>>> I saw on there are only X11 packages, and seems
>>> native quartz variant are missing.
>>> So for example for gtk3-devel:
>>> is available for X11 backend only as pre-built for foreign OS.
>>> Is there a reason for this?
>>> Having native quartz pre-built packages will help developer to target
>>> quartz instead of xquartz, without the need to (cross)build the GTK
>>> itself. This is so for other library with variants.
>>> As now the bash script 'osxcross-macport' do not support variants, but
>>> I'm sure can be easily upgraded if packages server will host quartz
>>> variants.
>>> thank you for explanation and work,
>> --
>> Valerio


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