request review of PR 22645 and PR 22643 (qt5/6 Vulkan)

John Hoyt john.hoyt at
Sat Mar 2 14:28:22 UTC 2024


I have two PRs that have been sitting in the PR queue for a few weeks that
I would like to request a review on both.  Both add Vulkan support to qt5/6.

These two PRs are a long overdue "TODO's" marked in the qt5/6 portfiles as
Vulkan support via moltenVK wasn't quite ready 2 years ago.  I am the
guilty party marking the TODO in the original qt6 portfile.


Please note that the CI chains are failing due to unrelated issues in the
portfile / timeouts.  Both the qt5 and qt6 portfiles are monsters with
large amounts of subports and variants.

Thank you for the assistance.
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