CI are forcing tests for ports where tests are disabled

grey artkiver at
Tue Mar 12 16:20:20 UTC 2024

I think I may have run into a similar issue with how tests have
changed in CI with 2.9.x MacPorts and the OpenSSH 9.7p1 PR I submitted

Going back to reverting to 9.6p1 locally and running port -d -v test I
see that it fails with the same error; whereas when the CI checks for
that ran with my PR in December of 2023, the CI checks passed.

The man page for port test is pretty slim:
           Tests portname.

So I am guessing this is the spot to reference for more descriptive
explanations of test.cmd and test.args

Whereas the net/openssh Portfile just has these defined at the moment:            yes         tests

I've include the output of manually invoking "make test" in the
following Trac issue I opened regarding this CI buildbot failure:

Which, as you can see, ends with "all tests passed"; so I don't think
this is an issue with upstream/OpenSSH's tests. Not to mention,
running make tests from the OpenSSH tarball is really quite time
consuming and probably not the best use of CI buildbot resources?

I can't make heads or tails of this commit from 2.9.0 which introduced
the "simple default tests for all ports"

But, I am guessing, it's either not that simple, or at a minimum, I
might need some additional insights into how to placate it.


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