SDL2 on PowerPC: it works now, can we fix joystick for it?

Sergio Had vital.had at
Sun Mar 17 16:23:46 UTC 2024

Upon sorting X11 installation, turned out that most of X11 ports actually work with GUI on PowerPC, including SDL2 and VLC.

However, most of Macports dependents of libsdl2 are games and emulators, and they need a joystick module, which is broken quite badly in SDL 2.1+.
So those ports will build but won’t start, complaining about joystick support missing.

Even without that, SDL is useful (SDL video out works with VLC now), and personally I do not really care for games’ support, but apparently there is a demand, so why not make someone happier :)

Can we find a way to fix it?
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