SDL2 on PowerPC: it works now, can we fix joystick for it?

Sergey Fedorov vital.had at
Mon Mar 18 12:58:02 UTC 2024

UPD. Judging from my notes, it actually may be fixable now, since gcc
upstream addressed the stopping bug:
Need to rebuild gcc13 adding this patch and see if it helps.

On Mon, Mar 18, 2024 at 12:34 AM Sergio Had <vital.had at> wrote:

> Upon sorting X11 installation, turned out that most of X11 ports actually
> work with GUI on PowerPC, including SDL2 and VLC.
> However, most of Macports dependents of libsdl2 are games and emulators,
> and they need a joystick module, which is broken quite badly in SDL 2.1+.
> So those ports will build but won’t start, complaining about joystick
> support missing.
> Even without that, SDL is useful (SDL video out works with VLC now), and
> personally I do not really care for games’ support, but apparently there is
> a demand, so why not make someone happier :)
> Can we find a way to fix it?
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