MacPorts vs. Apple compiler issues, Handle

Joshua Root jmr at
Wed Mar 20 01:54:09 UTC 2024

On 20/3/2024 03:23, Riccardo Mottola wrote:
> Hi,
> Joshua Root wrote:
>> And this is where it happened. Since this is not a full debug build, 
>> there is no line number information, but you at least know which 
>> method is doing the bad memory access.
> But it should be a debug build. Well a build with debug symbols (not a 
> firefox-style debug which adds also a lot of debug code).
> I add:
> ac_add_options --disable-strip
> and this helps on Linux usually.

If the binary was stripped, you wouldn't see any names, just addresses. 
To see line numbers, you have to build with -g, and the DWARF 
information has to be available at runtime, by default in the build 
directory in .dSYM bundles.

> Still, the nsWindowWatcher class gave me a clue and I found a couple of 
> Firefox patches to import which initialized parameters, checked them, 
> etc.... and now the error changed to>
> 0   XUL                               0x00000001035f5c44 
> JS::Rooted<JSObject*>::registerWithRootLists(js::RootLists&) + 20
> 1   ???                               0x00007ffeecb477f0 0 + 
> 140732869670896
> this is bad, since it is inside the JS engine. Also the JS engine works 
> on other system when compiled with modern clang and gcc!
> Also here I don't have a class name which maps directly to a file which 
> I can easily inspect.

Looks like its defined in js/public/RootingAPI.h ?

- Josh

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