cmake-devel --> cmake coming .... please test if you care to

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at
Wed Mar 27 09:29:41 UTC 2024

Hi Ken,

Ken Cunningham wrote:
> the cmake port is very very far behind.
> cmake-devel has been updated to the newest version currently available
> (3.29.0) for most systems, and then newest supportable (3.28.4) for 10.7
> and < 10.6.

I deactivated cmake and installed cmake-devel as test on 10.5 intel
64bit, 10.7, 10.11

Build when file on all systems. I think the best test is using it during
more upgrades... I don't remember off-hand which ports use to test.
I hope that w e don't get red-herrings of failures on other packages due
to that.

> If you are a keener with debugging on 10.7, and can sort out a proper
> fix for 3.29.0 on 10.7, upstream will love you. Most likely eventually
> we/they will use the commits they added to the 3.28.N branch to fix it
> for those systems, although those commits are more involved that we
> usually like to carry.

At a first glance I don't understand the issue, it looks like
compiler/linker gets confused. If you want... we can try to tinker on it.


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