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#29594: Xcode not installed, all I want is MyPaint
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 MacPorts is a package manager, i.e. we only package and distribute
 software not developed by us. If your comments aim at MyPaint, please post
 them where appropriate (e.g. on their website, mailing list, etc.).

 Whatever your usability lessons say, MacPorts is a source distribution,
 which means it will compile software from its source code. Compiling
 software needs a couple of tools provided by Xcode, so you need to install
 Xcode (which you can get from Apple or should have shipped with your OS X
 install DVD) in order to use MacPorts.

 Also, this is not a bug. For support requests please use the methods
 mentioned on http://www.macports.org/contact.php, e.g. the MacPorts Users
 mailing list.

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