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#31845: Port for Irrlicht
 Reporter:  rudloff@…            |       Owner:  ryandesign@…           
     Type:  submission           |      Status:  assigned               
 Priority:  Normal               |   Milestone:                         
Component:  ports                |     Version:  2.0.3                  
 Keywords:                       |        Port:  irrlicht               
Changes (by ryandesign@…):

  * status:  new => assigned
  * owner:  macports-tickets@… => ryandesign@…


 Thanks. As is, it doesn't build for me:

 COpenGLSLMaterialRenderer.cpp: In member function ‘void
 irr::video::COpenGLSLMaterialRenderer::init(irr::s32&, const irr::c8*,
 const irr::c8*, const irr::c8*, irr::scene::E_PRIMITIVE_TYPE,
 irr::scene::E_PRIMITIVE_TYPE, irr::u32)’:
 COpenGLSLMaterialRenderer.cpp:138: error: cast from ‘void*’ to ‘GLuint’
 loses precision
 COpenGLSLMaterialRenderer.cpp:139: error: cast from ‘void*’ to ‘GLuint’
 loses precision
 COpenGLSLMaterialRenderer.cpp:141: error: cast from ‘void*’ to ‘GLuint’
 loses precision
 COpenGLSLMaterialRenderer.cpp:143: error: cast from ‘void*’ to ‘GLuint’
 loses precision

 There are many things I would change about the Portfile. I'll see if in
 the process of making those changes I get it to work.

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