[MacPorts] #31840: rb-builder: destroot fails on Mac OS X 10.5.8

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#31840: rb-builder: destroot fails on Mac OS X 10.5.8
 Reporter:  kaltree@…          |       Owner:  macports-tickets@…                   
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Component:  ports              |     Version:  2.0.3                                
 Keywords:  leopard            |        Port:  rb-builder                           

Comment(by kaltree@…):

 Thanks for the prompt response.  Here is my understanding of what's
 happening - not sure if it's accurate, but just my thoughts...

 The port 'rb-builder' is basically a script that invokes a ruby utility
 called 'gem' with some parameters - a utility that allows end users to
 manage ruby add-ons called 'gems'.  If I install the 'builder' add-on
 using the 'gem' utiliity, it succeeds - however I still see the nil
 cert_chain warning and documentation generation error.

 When invoking the gem utility directly (not using MacPorts) to install
 this add-on, the end result is I get the fore mentioned log messages
 showing in the terminal, but the gem is still installed and usable from
 within ruby.  When attempting the install using MacPorts, the port install
 appears to abort installation at the first failure.  In this case, the
 failure is happening during documentation generation and while it's
 important - it's probably okay to still allow the install, but inform the
 end user that some of the post install setup failed.

 One thought on expected behavior in this case is to allow the install to
 proceed since the failure isn't a catastrophic failure, but warn the user
 that portions of the port install may have failed.  In this case, the
 error likely lies within the ruby gem 'builder' script that the port
 script is executing.  I'm not sure what the best behavior is for MacPorts,
 in the case where a non-critical failure occurs while processing a port


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