[MacPorts] #29676: Fix mtree violation for Puppet and update to 2.6.8

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Wed Nov 2 13:24:27 PDT 2011

#29676: Fix mtree violation for Puppet and update to 2.6.8
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Comment(by deesto@…):

 Thanks for this.  Also nice to see an update to a "modern" version.

 Replying to [comment:9 ian@…]:
 > There are so many ways to setup puppet that I'm curious to get people's
 input on whether default config and startup items would be desired, and if
 so what should they look like?  For my initial use case I'm just using
 `puppet apply` on demand instead of `puppet master` and `puppet agent`.
 Perhaps startup items for the master and agent daemons, configured for
 localhost only, with a manifest that otherwise does nothing, would add
 some warmth and fuzziness to the port?

 In my case: on a global level, we're using "apply" mostly for local
 testing, and a master/agent model for most server configuration.  It would
 be nice to have a working start-up master/agent model.

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