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#27223: PETSc doesn't compile
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 Component:  ports            |     Version:  1.9.2             
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Comment(by dangerski@…):

 Replying to [comment:22 mmoll@…]:
 > So what's the fix for Xcode 3.x? Remove "-lstdc++" from the Portfile or
 replace it with "-lstdc++.6"? Can someone with Xcode 3.x try this?

 I created a local Portfile for this and tested it with "-lstdc++.6" and
 "-lstdc++.6.0.9" and it didn't fix the problem with Xcode Version 3.2.6 on
 OSX 10.6.8.   If I run the configure command from the command line like
 abenpst and jonimpel did above (with out the -lstdc++ and had to change
 --with-shared=0 to --with-shared-libraries=0), then it works.  It still
 doesn't work from the port command.  When I try to install slepc it tries
 to install petsc and doesn't find the version I made from the command line
 so I can't install slepc.  Any ideas why it works from the command line
 and not from the port command?  The command line does export PETSC_DIR=...
 is that the only difference?

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