[MacPorts] #32115: pianobar 2011.11.11 fails to build

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Fri Nov 18 11:12:55 PST 2011

#32115: pianobar 2011.11.11 fails to build
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 I just upgraded to Lion and decided to do a fresh install of MacPorts.
 pianobar failed to build with the following error:
 :info:build In file included from src/settings.c:38:
 :info:build In file included from src/settings.h:28:
 :info:build src/libwaitress/waitress.h:30:10: fatal error:
 'gnutls/gnutls.h' file not found
 :info:build #include <gnutls/gnutls.h>
 :info:build          ^

 Looks like pianobar isn't seeing the /opt/local files.  I've patched the
 Portfile so that it sets a -I and -L flag for the compiler.  I also drop
 the now-unsused LIB*_INCLUDE variables

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