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#37213: pkgconfig - build fails
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 Component:  ports       |    Version:  2.1.2
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      Port:  pkgconfig   |

Comment (by jkorchok@…):

 I entered
 sudo port clean pkgconfig
 and got "Error:
 /pkg-config-0.27.1/glib/glib/gtree.c: no such file or directory". Then
 sudo port install pkgconfig
 and got "Error: org.macports.extract for port pkgconfig returned: command
 execution failed".

 The log appears identical except for dates/times.

 The pkgconfig work directory contains a file .macports.pkgconfig.state and
 a directory pkg-config-0.27.1 containing 29 files and 2 subdirectories
 "check" and "glib". Check contains 27 files and glib contains 24 files and
 2 subdirectories "glib" and "m4macros". I can keep going if this is useful

 This copy of MacPorts was originally from a .dmg installer, but has been
 updated several times since original installation. I have installed
 several other ports on the same machine: apache2, php5, mysql5, etc.

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