[MacPorts] #37247: py27-cairo @1.10.0 Error: reinplace: couldn't read file Makefile.in

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#37247: py27-cairo @1.10.0 Error: reinplace: couldn't read file Makefile.in
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Comment (by ryandesign@…):

 Replying to [comment:1 ryandesign@…]:
 > So perhaps the reinplace needs to be changed to operate on
 src/Makefile.in instead (or better yet turned into a patchfile).

 It looks like the pre-unification py27-cairo port was already reinplacing
 src/Makefile.in ever since its creation in r71669. The py26-cairo port
 switched to that in r57581.

 > Or maybe the reinplace is no longer needed at all; it has been there a
 long time, since r33474, having been copied there from py25-cairo, where
 it was added in r32471. Someone on Leopard could test without this

 I reverted the py25-cairo port to revision !r32470, before this reinplace
 was added, and after changing "livecheck.check" to "livecheck.type" it
 built just fine on Leopard i386. So I don't know. If this was added to fix
 a build failure, then I guess it is no longer needed. Maybe it was
 something that's been fixed in a newer version of python itself. To test
 this idea I reverted the python25 port to the same revision, but after
 quite a lot of attempts I was unable to build it. Much changed in the
 python25 port since then to make it compatible with current MacPorts.

 On the other hand if it was added to fix a runtime failure, maybe it is
 still needed. Unfortunately r32471 did not reference a ticket or any other
 further source of information about the problem it was fixing.

 Without further information about what problem was being fixed, the safest
 thing to do would be to keep the reinplace and just update it for the
 changed path, as had been done previously for the standalone ports.

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