[MacPorts] #37395: tk +x11: bad install_name for libtk8.6.dylib

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#37395: tk +x11: bad install_name for libtk8.6.dylib
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      Type:  defect           |     Status:  new
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 Component:  ports            |    Version:  2.1.2
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      Port:  tk               |

Comment (by macports@…):

 FTR, the way to get a full build log, one-shot, is:

 sudo port clean tk
 sudo port -skn upgrade --force --no-rev-upgrade tk -quartz +x11

 with an already activated port.  It appears if you have
 uninstalled/deactivated, then you'll just get the install phase, as it'll
 build it and then recycle around to check if it should activate it -- and
 then it'll overwrite the log with the activation only one.

 This is the command putting the install name in:

 :info:build /usr/bin/gcc-4.2 -dynamiclib -Os -O2 -arch x86_64 -pipe
 -fvisibility=hidden  -arch x86_64
 -L/opt/local/lib -lfontconfig -arch x86_64 -headerpad_max_install_names
 -Wl,-search_paths_first  -Wl,-single_module -o libtk8.6.dylib tk3d.o
 tkArgv.o tkAtom.o tkBind.o tkBitmap.o tkBusy.o tkClipboard.o tkCmds.o
 tkColor.o tkConfig.o tkConsole.o tkCursor.o tkError.o tkEvent.o tkFocus.o
 tkFont.o tkGet.o tkGC.o tkGeometry.o tkGrab.o tkGrid.o tkMain.o tkObj.o
 tkOldConfig.o tkOption.o tkPack.o tkPlace.o tkSelect.o tkStyle.o tkUndo.o
 tkUtil.o tkVisual.o tkWindow.o tkButton.o tkEntry.o tkFrame.o tkListbox.o
 tkMenu.o tkMenubutton.o tkMenuDraw.o tkMessage.o tkPanedWindow.o tkScale.o
 tkScrollbar.o tkCanvas.o tkCanvArc.o tkCanvBmap.o tkCanvImg.o tkCanvLine.o
 tkCanvPoly.o tkCanvPs.o tkCanvText.o tkCanvUtil.o tkCanvWind.o
 tkRectOval.o tkTrig.o tkImage.o tkImgBmap.o tkImgGIF.o tkImgPNG.o
 tkImgPPM.o tkImgPhoto.o tkImgPhInstance.o tkText.o tkTextBTree.o
 tkTextDisp.o tkTextImage.o tkTextIndex.o tkTextMark.o tkTextTag.o
 tkTextWind.o tkStubInit.o ttkBlink.o ttkButton.o ttkCache.o ttkClamTheme.o
 ttkClassicTheme.o ttkDefaultTheme.o ttkElements.o ttkEntry.o ttkFrame.o
 ttkImage.o ttkInit.o ttkLabel.o ttkLayout.o ttkManager.o ttkNotebook.o
 ttkPanedwindow.o ttkProgress.o ttkScale.o ttkScrollbar.o ttkScroll.o
 ttkSeparator.o ttkSquare.o ttkState.o ttkTagSet.o ttkTheme.o ttkTrace.o
 ttkTrack.o ttkTreeview.o ttkWidget.o ttkStubInit.o tkUnix.o tkUnix3d.o
 tkUnixButton.o tkUnixColor.o tkUnixConfig.o tkUnixCursor.o tkUnixDraw.o
 tkUnixEmbed.o tkUnixEvent.o tkUnixFocus.o  tkUnixRFont.o tkUnixInit.o
 tkUnixKey.o tkUnixMenu.o tkUnixMenubu.o tkUnixScale.o tkUnixScrlbr.o
 tkUnixSelect.o tkUnixSend.o tkUnixWm.o tkUnixXId.o   -lpthread -framework
 CoreFoundation -L/opt/local/lib -lXft   -L/opt/local/lib -lX11 -Wl,-weak-
 lXss -lXext  -lz  -lpthread -framework CoreFoundation  -L/opt/local/lib
 -ltclstub8.6 -compatibility_version 8.6 -current_version 8.6.0
 -install_name "/opt/local/lib:/opt/local/lib/libtk8.6.dylib" -sectcreate
 __TEXT __info_plist Tk-Info.plist

 which clearly has the wrong string for the install_name.  That's the only
 place in the log that "/opt/local /lib:" appears, so it must be assembling
 it somewhere that doesn't turn up in the log; I'll see if I can look at
 the generated makefile in a second.

 FWIW, I found that I had to explicitly say "-quartz +x11" on backing out
 of having the quartz flavour (even after uninstalling the active quartz
 flavour version), otherwise I got a conflict:

 ewen at bethel:~$ sudo port -skn upgrade --force --no-rev-upgrade tk +x11
 Error: tk: Variant quartz conflicts with x11
 Error: Unable to open port: Error evaluating variants
 To report a bug, follow the instructions in the guide:
 ewen at bethel:~$

 IIRC when I did this on 8.5.13, I just said "+x11" and the -quartz was
 implied.  Maybe I'm misremembering, or maybe +x11 is no longer implying


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