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#47189: submission: audacity
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Comment (by mojca@…):

 I see your new patches for python, but I see that you only patched two
 files. While I was still on python34 the list of files to patch was long:
 - `lib-src/lv2/lv2/waflib/Build.py`
 - `lib-src/lv2/lv2/waflib/Configure.py`
 - `lib-src/lv2/lv2/waflib/Context.py`
 - `lib-src/lv2/lv2/waflib/Node.py`
 - `lib-src/lv2/lv2/waflib/Scripting.py`
 - `lib-src/lv2/lv2/waflib/Utils.py`
 and that wasn't nearly enough (I gave up after that and switched to 2.7).

 I have one more suggestion for later (once you get close to the state when
 it's ready to be released). It would be nice to run `autoreconf` locally
 and provide a patch for configure file(s). But I don't know if doing that
 is feasible. It's just a suggestion. Usually I provide a patch for
 configure files, but usually that's small enough.

 About other patches:
 -   #ifdef __WXMAC__
 +   #if defined(__WXMAC__) || defined(__APPLE__)
 Why do you need to check for `__WXMAC__`? Wouldn't just `#ifdef __APPLE__`
 be enough?

 `include_wxmac_code_in_wxgtk.diff`: just replace `#ifdef __WXMAC__` with
 `#ifdef __APPLE__`

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